Knocked Out Loaded

** 01/20/08 : "Knocked Out Loaded" origin

Hi Sean,  I saw your post on the Bob Dylan yahoo group email and checked out your interesting and thought provoking site, which is quite well done by the way. In case you don't know the phrase "knocked out loaded" (like so many Dylan lines) has a reference to it. It's an old blues song, probably from New Orleans (but maybe not) called "Junco Partner." The two versions that immediately come to mind for me are by Eric Von Schmidt (probably where Bob learned it) and also by Dr. John. The opening verse begins: Down the road came a junco partner. He was loaded as he can be He was knocked out, knocked out loaded He was loaded as he can be. Anyway thought you might be interested in that.   Peter  


Thank you for the comments Peter. I appreciate your time and interest.

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