Knocked Out Loaded


**02/04/08: The reissue has apparently been delayed. It's still next to impossible for me to get any concrete information, but my order from hasn't materialized and all they know is it may be several weeks before they get it. I've checked a couple other merchants and they didn't have any copies in stock either. So it's still a wait-and-see situation...
And it appears that the remaining copies of the deleted release of "Knocked Out Loaded" are rapidly being sold out. See the links page for the last place to get it.

Old News

**01/20/08:  Some very curious and potentially disappointing news today. According to several retailers, "Knocked Out Loaded" and a few other Dylan titles are being reissued on February 1st. There is no mention of any remastering.

"Knocked Out Loaded" info: SBME Special MKTS. #

Some stores are accepting pre-orders for the title, but without any concrete information (remastering or not, original artwork or not, added lyrics, etc.) it's impossible to say if it's worth replacing your old cd, or whether a consumer should purchase this reissue instead of the Columbia cd's that are still available.
Further information will be posted as news comes around, but it likely won't until after it's out in the marketplace.

Old News

**01/15/08:   It has been reported by several online merchants that "Knocked Out Loaded", compact disc catalog #CK-40439 has been discontinued. I have been unable to confirm this through Columbia Records, but it appears to be true. Of course, many brand-new copies can still be found and purchased, but once the inventory is depleted, it's ebay and for the lot of you...   
Perhaps this is not the bad news for the album that it seems. After almost 22 years in print (and with
    Dylan's ever-surging popularity) it would seem unlikely to just scuttle it. Hopefully "Knocked Out Loaded" is being deleted to make way for the re-release of a remastered edition. Again, there's been nothing reported by Columbia, but all news will be posted.

On the links page on this site I will provide links to merchants with copies of "Knocked Out Loaded" still in stock.

**It has been brought to my attention that several other Dylan cd's have also been deleted. This suggests a remastering strategy for these and other cd's, but it remains in question.

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